GIT bash cheatsheet

Synchronizing Filezilla site config between all devices.

Two way communication between parent document and iFrame

How to solve “Can’t perform a React state update on an unmounted component”

The scenario - Let's imagine that you have a card component that you could show and hide with a button ...
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Using Nginx as a reverse proxy and add source code replacement

Task: I have web app (in my case Node app running on port 3000) I would add Nginx in front ...
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Simple caching using browser’s service workers.

A service worker API is relatively new technology, allowing for running a special type of web worker (a JavaScript), that ...
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Simple use of Promises in JavaScript

Here is a simple and a bit silly example of using promises. In real life we could just move the ...
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Listen for DOM changes using Mutation Observer

If we ever needed to listen for DOM events, one of the first options that comes to our mind might ...
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Passwordless SSH log in for MAC OS X

On the machine that you want to use to ssh to the other OS X machine do this: - Create ...
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Debugging SSH issues on OS X

Most common problems could be: Directory permissions directory permission permission code /Users/[usename] 755 rwxr-xr-x /Users/[usename]/.ssh 700 rwx------ /Users/[usename]/.ssh/id_rsa 600 rw------- ...
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Understanding Java Script Map, Filter and Reduce

The array [csharp] // The array var people = [ {name: 'john', age:24, weight: 84}, {name: 'tim', age:34, weight: 76}, ...
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Multiple asynchronous http calls using curl

If you ever needed to fetch data from multiple sources on the backend, probably you already explored the benefits of ...
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