Syncolarity: a file syncing app

A while ago, I was exploring different file syncing options, but looks like nothing was entirely suitable for my needs. Then as a temporary solution I decided to use bash script and rsync. This worked great, but the problem was that I had to deal with terminal (which is not the best user friendly solution)

An year later I learned Electron and it happened to be a perfect library for my needs.

“Electron is an open source library developed by GitHub for building cross-platform desktop applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

So, the final product that I developed as a learning project was Syncolarity: rsync UI wrapper to synchronize files over different devices and platforms (since Electon app works on many different systems, and devices)


  • create and run multiple syncing points (folders)
  • set up different syncing options for each syncing point:
  • console window to monitor the progress
  • automatic updates using git releases.

Since then, I never lost an important document of file 🙂

You could give it a try here: Syncolarity app